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Designing and building a video surveillance system is an individual process for each customer. That's why we from TouchPoint are extremely precisely, keeping in mind the specific requirements and needs of customers. The building of such systems reduces crimes, increases labor productivity and the security of the monitored objects.

Designing video surveillance system it's not only installation of cameras and recorders. A quality designed and built system requires a good team of designers and technicians. The well-combined elements of the system will result in an optimal price and opportunities.

TouchPoint is a partner of leading suppliers of CCTV systems and accessories. We offer video recorders, 24-hour surveillance cameras, IP cameras, power supplies, terminals, busbars, cables, accessories and specialized cameras in a wide variety and availability. Our team of specialists and engineers will offer you the best project for building a video surveillance system and will execute it in a short time and quality.
We can also offer you a support within the working day, after the warranty expires.